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Invisible Heart

愛はパワー だよ!

Kele Michele
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Japan Dreamin...

The greatest days in my life are at KinKi Kids and ONE OK ROCK Concerts! =)p>

hmm interesting things about me? i don't like heights at all! um... i'm terrified by moths, porcelain dolls... I had the prologue of my novel published. I love music and writing.

I can be silly... like naming all my electric stuff... my old laptop was Keio my mp3 player is D.G. (Named after my late auntie she used to call me her Darling Girl T-T *sniff*) and my keitai from Japan... Ken who is suicidal after I lost the love of his life, Suica. Told you silly!

I've been through a lot in my life but I'm at a point that i'm going to break free even if it is a little late ^^

8/26/2004 - Rainbow Hall
With third row stand seats for Domoto Tsuyoshi's 2nd live First Line concert at Nagoya Rainbow Hall and being right in front of the cat walk I made a sign that said 'USAから' (from usa) held it up during an encore of kokoro no blindo (ironic i know) and tsuyoshi being 2 rows away from me saw it. Big eyes of shock and a frantic wave was his response. I think a gaijin at his con singing along with his album songs that had only been out a week if that was shocking as he kept looking back at me while on the cat walk. He was so hyper after! that is what i call a '生きてよかった' moment.

September 10 2007 until July 31 2008 a dream came true and I got to student at Toyo University in Tokyo, Japan. I met a lot of great people there like my two best friend Neko and L-kun ( ^ _ ^ ) V